Petroserv – Catering Services

PETROSERV-CATERING is positioned to offer tailor made solutions to the many varied requirements of its clientele. Whether it is serving a 1000 meal a day or catering for an exclusive event for top executives PETROSERV-CATERING will find the ultimate solution for the occasion. With our experienced, well trained workforce we are able to mobilize and start operations effectively and efficiently ensuring customer’s timeframes are met.

PETROSERV-CATERING believe in providing balanced and nutritious menus as we are well aware of the importance for our customers to have a healthy and well fed work force. Health and Safety is of prime importance, and our team insures that our strict processes and procedures are followed throughout all our operations. This is supported by regular inspections by our health and safety Executive.

Camp Management

PETROSERV-CATERING operates numerous labor force camps throughout the region, catering and caring for a multicultural and ethnic work force.
Through many of experience, Petroserv-catering fully recognize the many different needs from other nationalities and we ensure that these requirements are met to satisfaction.

PETROSERV-CATERING camp managers are educated and trained in all aspects of camp management and have regular contact meetings with PETROSERV-CATERING senior Management.

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Design Supply

PETROSERV-CATERING expanded its services to include design and equipment supply.
This has demonstrated prominent with numerous customers as it soothes them of the weight which typically isn’t a piece of their center business.
Our team develops the design plans for Camps or Kitchens including costs for building and equipping.
We have found that this client/contactor partnership works well in developing a healthy transparent working relationship. This initial bonding is usually the start of a long and mutual partnership.


Labor Supply

PETROSERV-CATERING offers a Labor supply service to clients who may just require to fill short term vacancies.
CATERING is happy to provide you with highly qualified personnel for the proper functioning of the catering services.

PETROSERV-CATERING provide you with highly qualified personnel for the smooth functioning of the collective catering service.

Support Services

PETROSERV-CATERING has had many years of experience offering a variety of additional add on services previously known as support services but now referred to as soft facilities management. These services are:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Reception
  • Reprographics

Our clients select the appropriate areas that will assist their needs. As with PETROSERVCATERING our teams are experienced and dedicated in delivering an efficient and excellent service.

Petroserve catering services petrolier restauration

Consultancy Services

Our accomplished consultancy group represents considerable authority in helping organizations to make a vital arrangement for their providing food needs both in the long haul and here and now.

We survey your present operations and assess your future needs which we call a present “situation analysis”.

Using this data and our experience we build up a bespoke key arrangement for your organization which will cover every key perspective, for example, quality affirmation, monetary arranging and guaranteeing that prescribed procedures are an essential piece of the procedure.

By assisting our clients in this way they are able to focus their attention on their core business and have peace of mind knowing that the Catering and welfare side is in safe hands.