Policy of Quality Safety and Health Foodstuffs
Safety at Work

Our company, PETROSERV-CATERING, working in the field of catering and services
auxiliary, attaches great importance to total quality, food safety
food, hygiene, health and safety at work which are strategic elements in
our business.
PETROSERV-CATERING affirms its commitment to continuous improvement by adopting a policy
ISO 9001/2008 quality, food safety and ISO 22000 Health & Safety
(OHSAS 18001: 2007) which is based on the following 6 areas:
1. Search our customers’ satisfaction by adapting our services to their needs.
2. Be in compliance with legal, regulatory and other requirements
worker health and safety and food safety.
3. Strengthen the safety of food served to customers 4. Develop a culture
positive prevention.
5. Master the significant risks associated á our activities including handling and circulation
6. Develop staff skills through a training plan tailored to our evolution.
7. Communicate internally with different actors and externally with customers.
To achieve these goals, we must strengthen existing actions on
quality, food safety and health & safety at work:
* The customer focus
* Implement all means and resources to achieve our goals
* Identify risks to the health and safety of staff
* Meeting our legal and regulatory obligations of food safety
-security food and health.
* Involve in this process the service providers
* Follow the procedures in force
* Evaluate regularly analyze the quality and compliance of our work
All staff must adhere closely and actively participate in this policy.


For over 02 years, PETROSERV-CATERING is active in the field of catering and accommodation services provided to any company be it on their own site or the preparation in the basic Sfax

Recognizing the importance of environmental protection, PETROSERV-CATERING decided to set up an environmental management system, emphasizing the responsible management of natural resources and ensuring continuous improvement.

Through ISO 14001, the management of PETROSERV-CATERING agrees to comply with legal requirements on environmental and other requirements and prevent pollution from its field of activity. an evaluation of legal compliance is carried out twice a year.

the scope of the environmental system covers all PETROSERV-CATERING activities such as preparation of meals to provide camp services and accommodation and catering service. The commitment and the environmental objectives of PETROSERV-CATERING are clearly broken down for each business process.

PETROSERV-CATERING undertakes to communicate, to ensure the understanding and implementation of its environmental policy to all employees, suppliers, customers and subcontractors.

The various actions planned for one year, are included in the environmental program can be found on the company’s website. All staff must adhere closely and actively participate in this policy.